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Personal One on One Private Fitness Training is commonly continually booked up, about to years or so in advance, Monique has Successfully added Personal Correspondence Full Detail Training.  Check it out!

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In Person Training

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  • Become Stronger
  • Stretch further
  • Noticeably Leaner
  • Increase Speed
  • Last Longer
  • Recover Faster
  • Move free-er...

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With Complete one on one guided instruction, with eyes on, attention to detail, Corrective, Strength, Vo2Max testing, resting metabolic rate, body composition, nutrition and more.  Please email to get on the waiting list and you may get lucky, something could open sooner.  

If your all geared up to start now, You can!  Please check out the Game Plan & Reinforcement plan, and Lets do it!

Reinforcement Plan Guiding you every step of the way with Daily Interaction 

in this Monthly Correspondence Training.  Taking you to your goals, like a celebrity, covering everything in the Game Plan and more, typically reserved for those who desire more guidance, support, and accountability to push their performance levels to new peaks.  This Premium level of Training essentially means having you Personal Trainer Inc. Trainer Monique Weinandt “on call everyday”.  Providing a great combination of daily coaching expert advise, fast responsiveness, and occasional schedule adjustments. A perfect fit for any athlete who leads busy lifestyle and strongly wants to advance, their performance to a higher level.

​What to Expect
The Accountability and Structured training of working with Personal Trainer Inc. will measurably improve your fitness within weeks to months. Within the first 6 months of Training and or Coaching, Men, Women and athletes typically achieve vast improvements in performance and noticeable weight loss of undesired body fat. You will be fitter, faster, stronger, leaner and feeling younger, sooner than expected.  Monique will also teach you how to train for injury prevention, a specific Sport, eating, recovery, and how to compete with a more intelligently mindset.


Game Plan, Your Monthly Correspondence Training.  Best for the motivated Men, Women and athletes who needs a great training plan, desires guidance support and occasional adjustments, and weekly check-ins with an accountable Trainer.  It is a Perfect starting point for anyone new to training or the more experienced athlete who is primarily looking for encouragement to stay on track, step by step what to do and when, goal setting, learning how to best schedule their time to reach their goals, answers to questions that continually arise, weekly analysis and feedback.

Personal Trainer Inc.