Personal Trainer Inc. will help you reach your fitness goals.  If you can realistically dream it, You can achieve it.  
That's what I've been doing all my life.  Dreaming Big and reaching Goals!"   You can too!   Even if you don't want to be a Pro athlete, that's OK.  You still deserve the best training science has to offer, and Personal Trainer Inc. is here to provide it for you.

Monique has traveled a lot,  durring that time, she always workes out, she's been to many gyms across the USA.  Some hard core, some beautiful with pools and spa's.  She's trained with Professional Athletes, Firefighters, Marathon Runners, Pro Red Sox player, Vikings foot ball players, a Navy Seal, and Models, Security, even undercover police.  

CFT Monique Weinandt 

Thank you to those who have helped me be as dedicated to fitness as I am today.  Upon receiving all my Certifications & my Black Belt a symbol of my skill, power and knowledge. I accept the responsibility to repay these debts that I owe.

A debt to my family for their understanding, support & will to drive me to always strive for perfection.  A debt to USA Karate, Master Richie Defence Systems, ISSA, NASM, ACE, The GYM and Mdewakanton Fire and to my instructors, Master Printup, Master Kruckow, Mr. Roell, Chief Master Richie, Mr. Dressen, Randy Weckman, John Trut., Laurie Wandra, Dan Quigley, P. Gumboa, Jim M., Kai H., Malessa R. and John Riegert, All for giving me the knowledge.  And, a debt to those who I train & those who follow for giving me a road to repay these debts.

Monique's Credentials

  • Certified Fitness Trainer, International Sports Science Association. The World Leader in Fitness Training
  • Certified Specialist in Martial Arts Conditioning, ISSA
  • Certified Fitness Therapist, ISSA
  • Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, ISSA
  • Certified Specialist in Performance Nutrition, ISSA
  • NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Optimum Performance Training for Weight Management
  • NASM Cardio respiratory Training for Performance Goals
  • NASM Cardio respiratory Training for Fitness Goals
  • ISSA The Five Step Back Solution.
  • Karate 3rd Degree Black Belt, USA-Karate Grand Champion Sparring Winner 2007, Pursuing 4th Degree
  • Chief Master Richie's Taekwondo and combat Hapkido training with 2000 Master Instructor of the year Chief Master Randy Richie, Big Pine Florida.
  • ISSA , Specific Nutrition  
  • ISSA,Caffeine Training
  • ISSA, Glutamine Training
  • ISSA, Gout Training
  • ISSA, Unilateral Training
  • ISSA, Interval Training Theory & Practice
  • ISSA, Physiology of Resistance Training
  • ISSA, Client Centered Approach to Personal Training
  • ISSA, Boot Camp
  • ISSA, Shoulder Problem Training
  • ISSA, Developing a Strong & Flexible Lower Back   
  • Certified Yoga Teacher
  • Physiology of Obesity
  • Dynamic Warmup Specialist
  • Floor Beam Fitness Trainer
  • Repetitive Stress Injuries of the Upper Extremity
  • Optimal Performance Training Specialist for Weight Management
  • NESTA Certified TACTIX Instructor
  • Bio mechanics Training, "The winning factor", John Schaeffer
  • CrossFit Barbell Training with Mark Rippetoe.
  • Former National Registry EMT, Emergency Medical Technician
  • Former Firefighter
  • Certified CPR / AED
  • BMX Bike Racing Expert
  • 1865 Sit-ups in 1 hour, awaiting a reply from Guennis Book of World Records 
  • International Jet Sports Boating Association Pro-am Division of Personal Water Craft Racing 2003  Ranked: 
  • #1 Pro-am Regional Champion 
  • and Pro-am 7th in The World

Monique Started Pumping Iron, learning form others, and reading all she could get her hands on about fitness, at the age of 12, in an effort to reach her racing goals, of being the fastest BMX Racer in the USA, which lead her to Professional Jet Ski racing, becoming National Number one,  7th in the World in IJSBA Racing, a Highly ranked respected Black belt and Best of all, an Energy filled, Enthusiastic Fitness Trainer who absolutely enjoys Training others to go beyond new heights and safely reach their fitness goals.

Monique Weinandt has been successfully enjoying helping people achieve new heights in personal health and fitness for over 29 years.

  • Certified Fitness Trainer 
  • Certified Fitness Therapist 
  • Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist 
  • Certified Specialist in Martial Arts Conditioning
  • Tactix Trainer
  • Certified Yoga Teacher
  • Certified Specialist in Performance Nutrition 
  • Physiology of Obesity
  • Dynamic Warmup Specialist
  • Floor Beam Fitness Trainer
  • Repetitive Stress Injuries of the Upper Extremity
  • Optimal Performance Training Specialist for Weight Management
  • 3rd Degree Black Belt
  • Karate Sparring Champion
  • Pro Jet Ski Racer
  • National #1 Jet Ski Racer
  • Pending World Record Holder for Sit-Ups
  • Former Firefighter / EMT
  • Hiked all the MN State Parks


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